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Chiropractic/Joint Manipulation Therapy


Chiropractic care is an alternative non-invasive medical therapy that utilizes manual manipulation of the body’s musculoskeletal system to affect positive functional neuromuscular change. Similarly, these therapeutic principles are transferable and equally beneficial to our veterinary patients as well.

Its common use in veterinary medicine includes: Intervertebral disc disease (disc/nerve compression), vertebral instability and misalignment, joint subluxation, muscle/ tendon contracture, arthritic joint restrictions and associated pain.

Applying these non invasive techniques of joint mobilization and soft tissue manipulation helps many of our companion animal patients reach optimal mobility by restoring joint and soft tissue functionality, relieving musculoskeletal pain and improving overall joint health.



Meet the Doctor

Chateau Animalia Welcomes Dr. Rachael Banks D.C.


Dr. Banks is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. A native to Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate of Life University school of chiropractic medicine, she has over 15 yrs of clinical expertise in the art of joint mobilization and soft tissue manipulation. In addition to her human patients, Dr. Banks takes particular joy as a collaborative partner with the veterinary community to leverage her unique skill sets for the benefit of our companion animal patients. Alone or in tandem with our other integrative therapies, we invite you to come experience the difference a comprehensive approach to healthcare can make in the life of your beloved pet.

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